Welcome to new Cluers from the MIA I Edition

Join us to welcome our new engineers from the MIA to the company.

+ José Miguel Arana. He is an engineer in robotic electronics and mechatronics. He did the internship of the degree in Clue Technologies from July 2020 to May focused on GPU, together with Alvaro; and from May he did the MIA internship in the Software team.

+ Juan Miguel Linares. He is a telecommunications engineer from the University of Malaga. He has 2 and a half years of experience working in Indra as an Electronics Engineer. He has studied for the Master of intelligent Avionics, doing his internship with the RTL team. 

+ Pablo Garrido. He is an electronic, robotic, and mechatronic engineer with 6 months of experience as an EMC test assistant in Dekra he decided to study for the Master of intelligent Avionics, doing the internship with the RTL team. 


MIA II Edition

We are organizing the second edition of MIA (Master in Intelligent Avionics) fully sponsored by Clue Technologies.

If you are one of those people who have finished the engineering degree and are looking for the next step in their careers, we have an opportunity to keep learning in the avionic field.

This Master will allow you to join the company after successfully pass the Master.

Are you thinking about what to do next year?

If you are a newly graduated engineer, and you are interested in developing your career in the field of electronic systems for aerospace, this is your opportunity to join our team.

We are conducting the selection process for the candidates to the II Edition of the MIA.